A fresh start

Welcome to my little blog on BioAnalytics!

In this little blog I would like to share ideas, strategies and results around the general topic of protein-protein interactions and bioanalytical research on proteins. Some posts will be more directed to students or first-time-biochemists and these will be relatively instructional (like howtos and one side effect is that I can use them for my students). Other posts will be more directed towards experts and might be related to my actual research. I will try to publish something every Monday so stay tuned.

Posts planned:

  • HowTo: ELISA style binding assay (multi-post series)
  • Introduction to Biolayer Interferometry and practical experience
  • Does Thermophoresis really works?
  • And more‚Ķ

Do you have a proposal on a topic you like to be covered? Write in in the comments and I will see, whether I have the necessary expertise…

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